the new art gallery

rendezvous artspace presents excellent unique artworks by the best emerging artists from all over the world

affordable prices

we give you the chance to buy affordable art by emerging artists before they rise to the top


our digital art gallery is carefully curated and the artists are selected based on artistic quality and ambition

nordic aesthetic

with a base in denmark the aesthetic of the represented artworks is characterized by a scandinavian point of view

joseph grahame

joseph grahame's practice encourages the use of every day materials such as dirt or debris to leave a trace on the surface

trine struwe

trine struwe works with photography within the same approach as the painter. she attempts to catch the invisibility of the light and give it a colour, a form, and a body

louise haugaard jørgensen

louise haggard jørgensen looks for the transformative potential of imagination and memory in order to approach an alternative form of knowledge production

søren krag

an important part of søren krag's practice is ‘painting’ large scale digital images using very basic image-making software such as microsoft paint. The digital image is then later transferred to a physical medium


be represented by rendezvous artspace. apply with three artworks and we will get back to you soon!