digital platform

rendezvous artspace is a curated online non-profit platform for excellent contemporary artworks by artists from all over the world


'tendency' is a concept of small experimental exhibitions with the purpose of showing the newest tendencies at the contemporary art scene


once a year we arrange a big experimental project that is co-curated by an established artist


we publish books and catalogues exploring the latest contemporary art tendencies

thorben eggers

new artworks by thorben eggers, where he explores and communicates abstract paint strokes on wood or metal

astri styrkestad haukaas

new artist: astri styrkestad haukaas interpret the synergies between the abstract in nature and the irrational in humans. her subject matter is nature affected by subjective memories

henning schultz

two new works on paper by henning schultz all share two horisontal lines. he is immensely occupied by the works’ physicalities and spaciousness and in using the materials’ inherent qualities and expressions

villiam miklos andersen

new in: through photography villiam miklos andersen has been investigating monuments and it has resulted in this beautiful series of photogravures


be represented by rendezvous artspace. apply with three artworks and we will get back to you soon!