digital platform

rendezvous artspace is a curated online non-profit platform for excellent contemporary artworks by artists from all over the world


'tendency' is a concept of small experimental exhibitions with the purpose of showing the newest tendencies at the contemporary art scene


once a year we arrange a big experimental project that is co-curated by an established artist


we publish books and catalogues exploring the latest contemporary art tendencies

mikkel kaldal

new artist: mikkel kaldal works often form themselves around a text and usually incorporating them into the work itself or as the title of the work

lucie payoux

new artist: lucie payoux is fascinated and inspired by rare organisms. in her paintings they are seen in unnaturally illuminated under the trees or deep in the sea where they finally create their own symbiosis

george koutsouris

two new works by george koutsouris reflecting upon randomness and the industrialization and environmental pollution that eventually will create new forms of life

studio thinkinghand

new artist: studio thinkinghand works with sculpture and installation, they explore themes of epistemological aesthetics, kinesthetic empathy, deep ecology and the entanglement of meaning and matter


be represented by rendezvous artspace. apply with three artworks and we will get back to you soon!