the new art gallery

rendezvous artspace presents excellent unique artworks by the best emerging artists from all over the world

affordable prices

we give you the chance to buy affordable handpicked art by emerging artists before they rise to the top

high quality

our digital art gallery is carefully curated by professional art historians and the artists are selected based on artistic quality and ambition

nordic aesthetic

with a base in denmark the aesthetic of the represented artworks is characterized by a scandinavian point of view

anne-sofie overgaard

new artworks by anne-sofie overgaard. combining anne-sofie's interests in weaving and astronomy, she has made a series of woven moons and planets

olivia fridahl willman

olivia willman explores materials in her art. materials commonly found in the normal household: tape, stearin, freezer bags, shopping bags, toilet paper, fabric, and books

aske thiberg

youth and identity are key themes in aske thibergs 3d-animated videos. he works with a digital aesthetic balancing between reality and the abstract

anna samsøe

anna samsøe’s work is recognizable in the sense that it places itself in the middle of a trend that mixes historical and scientific research with digital media and abnormal phenomenons

jacob alrø

jacob alrø is undermining any idea that suggests that there is one way of understanding things and shows us that there are many ways to understand an artwork


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