the new art gallery

rendezvous artspace presents excellent unique artworks by the best emerging artists from all over the world

affordable prices

we give you the chance to buy affordable handpicked art by emerging artists before they rise to the top

high quality

our digital art gallery is carefully curated by professional art historians and the artists are selected based on artistic quality and ambition

nordic aesthetic

with a base in denmark the aesthetic of the represented artworks is characterized by a scandinavian point of view

lorenzo taini

new artworks by lorenzo taini. his interest lies in the ordering in lines, in series, and creating sequences with a continuous persistence

line busch

new artworks by line busch. in these new artworks she experiments with new ways of cutting up the canvas in parallel lines and twisting them. And she introduces a new materiale in her practice - aluminium

kim richard adler mejdahl

mejdahl’s work share a thematic base involving dissolving memory, trauma, and dream-like logics. the artist make use of his own background and his own body, some cases even involving his own bodyfluids

johanne rude lindegaard

johanne rude lindegaard works in a way that oscillates between the two phenomena, structure and chance. perception, geometry, composition and a focus on the overlooked, forgotten, hidden or unnoticeable are keywords

george koutsouris

new artworks by george koutsouris. he mainly uses low-tech industrial materials and devices to create sculptures and installations that involve the spectator


be represented by rendezvous artspace. apply with three artworks and we will get back to you soon!