digital art gallery

rendezvous artspace presents excellent unique artworks by the best emerging artists from all over the world

affordable prices

we give you the chance to buy affordable handpicked art by emerging artists before they rise to the top

high quality

our digital art gallery is carefully curated by professional art historians and the artists are selected based on artistic quality and ambition

nordic aesthetic

with a base in denmark the aesthetic of the represented artworks is characterized by a scandinavian point of view

villiam miklos andersen

New in: Through photography villiam miklos andersen has been investigating monuments and it has resulted in this beautiful series of photogravures

joseph grahame

new artworks by joseph grahame, who fragments his canvas and creates compositions out of colour fields and a wealth of “mistakes” in the form of crooked angles, paint stains, tape and cut outs

johanne lykke poulsen

johanne lykke poulsen's work is influenced by nature. by playing with simplifications or distortions of the flower as motif, she aims to push floral ideas between the abstract and figurative.

henning schultz

three new artworks by penning schultz all share two horisontal lines. he is immensely occupied by the works’ physicalities and spaciousness and in using the materials’ inherent qualities and expressions

lorenzo taini

new artworks by lorenzo taini. his interest lies in the ordering in lines, in series, and creating sequences with a continuous persistence


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