keeper (moments)





180 x 102 x 2 cm



screen print, spray paint, hide glue on raw linen

strechers with cut-off corners

additional information

series of 11


johan lundqwist thinks of painting as something more than a surface in front of you. rather he considers it as an objects you pass by, as things you see, not just head-on and isolated, but from the side, with your peripheral vision and in the context of other paintings and objects, rooms, architecture, cities, landscape on etc.this series of paintings are mainly made in two tempos; one quick, where sketches are made on a computer – the choice of imagery and composition – very swiftly. the other are made slowly and methodically, imitating the first step with all its flaws and unconscious decisions.they represent portraits a method and a process to give the pictures a materiality, a body, prior to the content of the images. the paintings are released from its corners, to literally go beyond their scope and give them a sense of another function.