Landscape Portrait #1





36 x 40 x 5 cm



epoxy resin, concrete, pigment, flora and fungi foraged september 2017 from kongelunden, denmark


in the landscape portrait series, focus is placed on the process of time, decay, collapse, death and life in a co-creation and relationship between human, various species and industrial materials. locally foraged wild and organically farmed waste species such as fungi, lichens, moss and flora are collated at different stages of their life cycle, from freshly foraged, to decay and naturally dried over time. living materials are considered beyond their visual manifestation from an anthropocenic value gaze, and rather look towards the sum of its parts. the mixture of differing levels of water content and fibrous strength reacts with the epoxy resin resulting in organic markings of white cloud like fluidity and natural pigmentation frozen in movement in polyphonic intra-actions. the combination of short life cycles in fungal and floral organic matter with long life cycles of 65 millions year old fossils, epoxy resin and concrete moves us beyond a human gaze and starts a dialogue that presents in each piece a polyphonic landscape portrait.

“In the universe I inhabit, I meet, I relate, I transform, i become” – studio thinkinghand