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anne-sofie overgaard explores temporality and narrative forms in an interaction between physical materiality and more intangible digital processes such as programming and digital graphics. she works with mixing different physical and aesthetic perspectives and draws on knowledge from different historical traditions in visual art and textile crafts, particularly weaving. she weaves the horizontal and vertical threads together in the loom and breaks the linear perspective in different textural layers, patterns and configurations. at the same time anne-sofie overgaard finds an interest in the evolutionary relationship between the loom and the computer since the binary system of the computer comes from the loom punch cards. this reveals a whole new understanding of the digital system of the computer as a parallelism to weaving.

anne-sofie overgaard is employed by kkart.


2011-2016 the jutland art academy, aarhus
2014-2015 bergen academy of art and design, bergen


2017 tendency, rendezvous artspace, copenhagen
2016 zero-player game, rendezvous curators, solo exhibition, aarhus artspace, aarhus
2016 zero-player, graduation 16, jutland art academy, kunsthal aarhus, aarhus

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2016 venus, europa, luna, thoughts in fabrication, rendezvous curators, mini pop-up exhibition, aarhus
2015 propaganda no. 1, propaganda no. 2, the artists fall exhibition, den frie udstillingsbygning, copenhagen
2015 the enlightened weaving, tradition/reaction, rendezvous curators, pop-up exhibition, aarhus
2015 cordoloom, passenger, first year fine art master works, bergen academy of art and design, bergen
2015 the enlightened weaving, galleri bokboden, solo exhibition, bergen
2014 landscape red/green, 3rd year exhibition, the jutland art academy, aarhus
2013 future, directly to the stars – and the roots in herning, anniversary exhibition, the art association in herning and the region, herning
2013 a handful of darkness, spring 13, kunsthal aarhus, aarhus
2012 three women, ministry of culture, copenhagen
2012 bell pull, artists easter exhibition, kunsthal aarhus, aarhus

2016 grisaille, graduation 16, jutland art academy, isbn: 978-87-997337-2-9 2014
almost a centimeter, make your own press, kuno, isbn:978-9949-33-643-2

grants and funding:
2016 15. juni fonden
2015 cca andratx-prisen, the artists fall exhibition 2015
2014 oticon fonden
2014 knud hoejgaards fond