aske thiberg



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artist statement

aske thiberg works with 3D-animated universes where youth and identity are some of the recurring themes. he usually writes the stories himself without an introduction or ending and without anyone of the characters being held accountable for their actions or words. instead, you get a glimpse of their inner thoughts and dreams through an isolated digital space.


2016 – bfa the royal danish academy of fine arts copenhagen


2017 rundgang 2017, the royal danish academy of fine arts, copenhagen
2017 film screening – i like her tho, spot festival, aarhus
2017 i like her tho, solo exhibition, spring-constant,
2017 anlagte stier, projektrum vera, copenhagen
2017 jag kan prata om allt, solo exhibition, the exhibition space q, copenhagen
2017 fokus video art festival, nikolaj kunsthal, copenhagen

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