astrid bryder



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artist statement

astrid bryder is creating an interaction between photographic artwork and the viewer and she is challenging figurative documentary photography through the incomprehension generated by an unrecognizable motif and thereby questioning how society perceives photography. she is very interested in the general understanding of photography as something reality-related and recognizable. based on that, she attempts to balance on the border between something real and something unreal that becomes abstract. she creates her abstract compositions both with and without the camera and tries to redefine photography by working from ‘level zero’.


2016 the art school spektrum, copenhagen
2014 – 2015 photographic school, aarhus


2017 tendency, rendezvous artspace, copenhagen
2016 out of nothing, rendezvous curators, aarhus
2015 summer graduation, photographic school, aarhus



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2015 winter graduation, photographic school, aarhus
2014 summer graduation, photographic school, aarhus
2014 winter graduation, photographic school, aarhus

art habens art review,  special edition, november 2015
af·art magazine nr. 3