holger højbjerg



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artist statement

everyday life, habits, and the shapes and patterns around us are the primary concerns for holger højbjerg. he is appropriating icons and symbols by reproducing them by hand and recognisable symbols gets distorted into other forms which results is an “imperfect” reproduction of the “perfect” images. this creates an interesting tension in the image. often, his works develops out of each other with results in visible overlaps in the imagery. his process is conceptual as he sets up a set dogmas in terms of colour, symbols and so forth, in order to challenge the media.


jutland art academy
städelschule in frankfurt am main


2017 rundgang, städelschule frankfurt
2017 tendency, rendezvous artspace, copenhagen
2016 things taking up space, jutland art academy
2016 billund sculpture park`s summer exhibition
2016 la vaseè comtè, jutland art academy


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2015 artist’s easter exhibition kp15, aarhus kunsthal
2014 II, jutland art academy
2013 sekvens, spanien 19c, aarhus
2013 first year exhibition, jutland art academy