ida sønder thorhauge



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artist statement

ida thorhauge’s practice takes painting and sculpture as its point of departure. her paintings are often divided into fields presenting situations depicted in nature, visited by a female ground figure. thorhauge’s work process fragments of iconic artworks and plays with art historical references. the fields are blurred and exposed – delving into changing moods, and investigating different types of gazes related to the body and its representation. the works possess a duality: they are at once a fascination of and a reaction against the origin of the fragments. in the meeting between the historic fractures and the female ground figure, the fragments are further distanced from their origin and establish a new narrative.


2011-2016 the jutland Art Academy, aarhus
2014-2015 akademie der bildende künste, vienna


2017 body of work, rendezvous artspace, aarhus
2017 a step outside, groupexhibition curated by nat bloch gregersen, kh7artspace, aarhus
2017 stronger than dirt, duo-exhibition w. duda bebek at den nordiske ambassade, copenhagen
2016 the conference, w. piscine at kunsthal aarhus, aarhus

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2016 the weather is too predictable, w. piscine at kunsthal aarhus & sebastian edin, aarhus
2016 afgang 16, kunsthal aarhus, aarhus
2015 mytens spor, knx in kunsthal nord, aalborg
2015 site, splab, aarhus
2015 rundgang, akademie der bildende künste, wien

2016 det danske institut, athens

2017 danish arts foundation’s working grant
2014 oticon fonden travel grant
2014 knud højgaards fond travel grant
2013 carlsberg fonden travel grant
2012 aalborg kommunes talent award