jacob alrø



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artist statement

employing a broad spectra of techniques, jacob alrø is engaged in a dialogue that stretches between painting and sculpture. through a fluent and intuitive process he seesk a material tactility that engages the body and the gaze in a dialogue between mental space and physical space. working between different systems of thought, and often with contradicting approaches within one work, jacob alrø combines and recombines his works in different situations to explore their potential as producers of meaning. undermining any idea that suggests that there is one way of understanding things, and a pursuit of works that have many possible readings, lie at the foundation of his practise.


2014-2017 mfa the royal danish academy of fine arts denmark
2012 hochschule für bildende künste braunschweig, fine arts department, germany
2010-2013 ba bergen national academy of the arts norway


2017 mediated matter, kunsthal charlottenborg, copenhagen
2017 degree show 2017, kunsthal charlottenborg, copenhagen
2016 threads and traces, solo exhibition, archipelago, hks bergen
2016 echo, solo exhibition, q, copenhagen
2014 soma show, radøy kunstsenter, radøy

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2014 group 14, gallery se, bergen
2013 unge inviterte, galleri lnm, oslo
2013 life is the only way, bontelabo, bergen
2013 aka 2013, bergen kjøtt, bergen
2012 bring your own beamer, knipsu, bergen
2012 group exhibition, timmerfabriek actuele kunst vlissingen, vlissingen
2011 group 11, gallery se, bergen
2010 solo exhibition, skabelonloftet, copenhagen

public commission:
2017 contribution to ephemerality – a permanent collection, bergen academy of art and

2011 bi- norwegian business school

2014 sks diversestipend, arts council norway.

2011 rov 2