johan lundqwist



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artist statement

johan lundqwist works with painting, object and installation and explore the way in which we show, look and move around images. he is interested in what the passages from one place to another brings. usually, his work springs from his own collectings and is made from everything from youtube screenshots to used artworks and paint lumps drifted ashore. an informal approach facing this material, creates a fast, fluent and vast production of things, which stays under constant review. his work, as it is presented, is situated somewhere in between the studio and the exhibition space, where he transfer the mutability and unsecure state of the studio into the more static and isolating state of the exhibition space – a scenario that is somewhere between a museal panorama, studio, archive and a storage room.


2014-2016 mfa malmö art academy, aalmö, sweden
2012 documenta (13) maybe academy, kassel, germany
2011-2014 bfa malmö art academy, malmö, sweden
2009-2011 göteborgs konstskola, gothenburg, sweden
2008-2009 kv konstskola, gothenburg, sweden
2008 art college, gothenburg, sweden


2016 göteborgs konstförening, solo show, gothenburg
2016 khm gallery, mfa graduation show, malmö
2016 royal academy, grant show, stockholm
2016 iac, group show, malmö

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2015 c/o trumpeten, duo show, malmö
2014 malmö art academy, bfa graduation show, malmö
2013 taarnet, group show, copenhagen
2013 observe oblique, duo show, malmö
2013 wall street gallery, group show, malmö
2012 göteborgs konstförening, solo show, gothenburg
2012 emergency gallery, kassel, germany
2012 malmö art academy, group show, malmö
2011 khm gallery, group show, malmö
2011 majnabbe galleri, group show, gothenburg
2010 göteborgs konstförening, group show, gothenburg
2010 galleri la pîz, group show (krupp collective), gothenburg
2010 vintage store, group show (krupp collective), gothenburg

royal academy of the fine arts grant 2016
sparbankstiftelsens stipendie exam grant 2016
nahoj daily, published book 2014
otto & charlotte mannheimers grant, 2013
artist assistant, michael portnoy & tue greenfort during documenta (13) 2012
artistic work for the music group isabel sörling farvel, 2012, 2014
makarna lindeqvist grant, 2011
artistic work for the music group marabous 2010