johanne rude lindegaard



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artist statement

johanne rude lindegaard works with a wide range of techniques and materials in her artistic practice. it oscillates between the two phenomena, structure and chance, which are fundamental conditions when existing in the world. this method often reflects the motifs of the artwork. she often changes her techniques,, speed, materials and the scale of the artworks as she wants to challenge her own direct control over the image in the making.  not as an act of deliberate failure, but as a profound investigation in the matter that surrounds her and thereby revealing a new perspective from what was initially intended. perception, geometry, composition and a focus on the overlooked, forgotten, hidden or unnoticeable are keywords behind the thoughts of the  process. lately, her interests has turned toward baroque painting, textile techniques and how the viewer as a body relates to painting as object, installation and illusion.


2011 – 2017 the funen art academy
2015 – 2016 akademie der bildenden künste wien, expanded pictorial space, professor daniel richter, vienna
2011 bachelor of arts in design within textile, design school kolding


selected exhibitions
2017 sentimental group show, curated by alberte bo westergaard, copenhagen
2017 past present – the funen art academy graduation show, brandts, odense
2016 kollektiv udstilling, the exhibition space Q, copenhagen
2016 vi er tæt på og langt fra, duo show with dyveke bredsdorff, projektrum vera, copenhagen
2016 you need a lot of tools to work with eternity, duo show with victor lizana curated by anna schachinger, fan kunstverein, vienna

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2016 rundgang, klasse richter, curated by ana de almeida, expanded pictorial space ved professor daniel richter, akademie der bildenden künste wien, vienna
2015 the smart home, curated by pepe inc., copenhagen
2015 to a certain degree, the funen art academy bachelor show, kunsthallen filosoffen, odense
2015 intermezzo, solo show, faa  project room, odense
2014 common ground, faa project room, odense
2014 art cafe vol. 1 and 4, habitat – artist collective and art space, odense
2014 helt.væk., the funen art academy annual school exhibition, odense
2014 check in anytime you like (10AM – 9PM), the funen art academy second year exhibition, hotel cabinn, odense
2013 trist høst / sad harvest – faa project room, odense
2013 de fynske malere / the funen painters, the funen art academy annual school show, odense
2013 habitat, habitat opening show, odense
2013 lost in space, konstfack, stockholm
2013 lykken er… / happiness is… exhibition made in collaboration with the university of southern denmark, odense harbor culture festival

funenzine vol. 1 and 3

– part of kollektiv udstilling – a group of artists working with alternative methods  of experimenting with collaborative work and exhibition practices
– co-founder of the art collective habitat in odense
– part of running and arranging events in the space of habitat. art cafe, art cinema, and various exhibitions with established artists and students from art academies in denmark and abroad



member of the funen printmaking workshop

student representative at the board at funen art academy 2016 – 2017