jonna hägg



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artist statement

through the video as a medium, jonna hägg works mainly with how a consensus around nature is established. how seemingly insignificant details can trigger feelings and questions that may be difficult to understand such as perception, existence, presence and time. her interest is in the culture in which we live and how we perceive our natural habitat; how its structures and logic has become more natural to the human than nature itself. in the moving images of a video, previously unknown artificially created and perceptively invisible aspects are revealed, and further feelings and new worlds are made visible. reality becomes the motive of a mimetic abstraction and she is trying to enter the essence of the constructions of nature that sometimes transcend into the supernatural.


2013 – 2018 malmö art academy, lund university, malmö
2011 – 2013 oslo photo art school, oslo


2016 projection, rendezvous curators, aarhus
2016 annual exhibition, malmö art academy, malmö


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2016 bachelor exhibition, gallery khm, malmö
2015 a reflection is created when reflected upon, solo exhibition, galleri fisk, bergen
2015 annual exhibition, malmö art academy, malmö
2015 no end filmfestival, cinemateket, bergen
2015 latxt book text zine festival, bergen
2014 innanför/utanför, solo exhibition, galleri bokboden, bergen
2014 gränstillstånd, solo exhibition, breadfield, malmö
2014 readfield, book tent – landskrona fotofestival
2014 student theater festival, kunsthelus, det akademiske kvarter, bergen
2014 annual exhibition, malmö art academy, malmö
2013 student exhibition, khm gallery, malmö
2013 departure exhibition, ofks  – galleri ikm, oslo
2013 scholarship exhibition, cyan gallery, oslo
2013 vol1 at sound of mu, oslo

2015 video, theater “alice in wonderland”, studentteateret immaturus, bergen

2013 audience stipend, cyan galleri