kim richard adler mejdahl



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artist statement

kim richard adler mejdahl’s work culminates in various medias, but circulates around cinema, sound, music, and photography. often these elements blend together and end up as hybrid pieces. mejdahl’s work share a thematic base involving dissolving memory, trauma, and dream-like logics. characterised by a nighmarishly quality, they wish to create a visceral, emotional, and bodily response on the receiver. the artist make use of his own background and his own body, some cases even involving his own bodyfluids. but mejdahl’s goal is always to take a private, and personal point of departure in order to reveal the deep, intuitive, and intersubjectively relevant feelings of trauma which we all share.


2016 the royal danish academy of fine arts, mfa
2013 performing live and releasing music under the alias kim kim
2012-2016 funen art academy, bachelor’s module


solo exhibitions
2017 hollow mask kid, ok corral, copenhagen
2016 the swan room, exhibition space q, copenhagen
2016 bird’s land, exhibition platform site
2015 possessed by myself, ved siden af, svendborg

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group exhibitions
2017 gmo scarecrow, age of aquarius, copenhagen
2017 rundgang, the royal academy of fine arts, copenhagen
2016 are you asleep?, pvc projektrum, copenhagen
2016 en anden verden, hjorten bodega, copenhagen
2016 rundgang, the royal academy of fine arts, copenhagen tinnitus lydkunstfestival, odense musikbibliotek
2015 to a certain degree, kunstbygningen filosoffen, odense
2014 helt.væk., odense
2014 check-in anytime you like (10 am-9 pm), cabinn hotel, odense
2013 post firstyearism, odense
2013 lost in space, kuno 20, konstfack, stockholm
2013 de fynske malere, odense
2008 s.t.i.l.e.t.h.æ.l.i.d.i.t.s.k.r.i.d.t., det røde ta rn, slagelse

2017 ode, flat earth film festival, seyðisfjörður, iceland
2016 ode, launch, copenhagen
2015 ode, den danske filmskole, copenhagen
2015 ode, splab, aarhus
2015 ode, afuk, copenhagen
2015 ode, school of arts & culture, newcastle university
2015 ode, park bio, copenhagen
2015 ode, kino34, svendborg
2015 ode, momentum teater, odense
2015 birth, fokus 2015 open call, copenhagen
2015 konfirmation, fokus 2015 open call, copenhagen
2013 unhealthy family relations create good music, digital hauntings film screening, itenerant sends for itenerant studio, copenhagen