line busch



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artist statement

line busch works with interaction and optical illusion in her practice. she works with parallel cuts and twists in varying lengths and with a diverse orientation in space applied to the raw canvas which reveals an underlying layer of paint or iridescent material. in this way the artworks become three-dimensional and their appearances are dynamically transformed depending on the different angles from which they are observed. this requires a level of participation from the viewer who necessarily needs to move around the artworks in order to achieve the full experience.


2010-2014 aarhus art academy (graduation 2013), aarhus



2018  cosmic debric, group show, vsop projects, greenport new york
2017  tendency II – nordic noir rendezvous artspace x kvit gallery, copenhagen
2014  untitled, solo exhibition, galerie wolfsen, aalborg
2012  hip to be square, solo exhibition, lunchmoney gallery, aarhus


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2018  østerbro salonen copenhagen
2018  aarhus salonen, aarhus
2018  amager salonen copenhagen
2017  frederiksberg salonen copenhagen
2017  shape and interaction kh7, aarhus
2017  we are the ones doing works on canvas vol. 1 carlsberg byens galleri og kunstsalon
2017  instagram project “monochrome, texture, reflections” in collaboration with nicolò baraggioli (it)
2017  the inaugural exhibition, vsop projects, greenport new york
2017  the tactile, rethinking matter at godsbanen, aarhus
2016  50X50X50, kastrupgaard museum, copenhagen
2015  international billboard painting festival, viborg
2015  summertime 15, galleri christoffer egelund, copenhagen
2015  taketurns, collaboration with andrew macdonald
2015  sweet madness, galerie wolfsen, aalborg
2014  untitled, galleri christoffer egelund, copenhagen
2014  the unpretentious show, galleri Benoni, copenhagen
pop up show, galerie wolfsen, aarhus
2014  summertime 14, galleri christoffer egelund, copenhagen
2014  en sidste tur gennem byen, galleri benoni, copenhagen
2014  masterpieces, galerie wolfsen, aalborg
2014  reality loop, vest art studio, aarhus
2014  vest, 
pakhus 64, aarhus
2013  censored exhibition, vestjyllands kunstmuseum, tistrup
2013  visuel haiku, vestjyllands kunstpavillon, videbæk
2012  black, gallery hjorth, horsens
2012  hello, gallery hjorth, horsens
2012  censored exhibition, aarhus kunstbygning, aarhus
  censored exhibition, vestjyllands kunstmuseum, tistrup