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lorenzo taini works in various different medias such as painting, installation and works on paper. besides his use of acrylic and watercolours he also makes use of less classical materials such as thread, markers and sand. with a great love of minimalism, repetition is a keyword in his practice. in the repetition of a sign does the repetition prevail or does the sign itself prevail? his interest lies in the ordering in lines, in series, and creating sequences with a continuous persistence. the canvases are painted by stratification and a simplicity of gestures that draw themselves, translate themselves into lines and signs, seams and points, with no other goal than that of measuring the infinity of repetition – such as the repetition of time and space.


2001 – 2005 brera academy of art, milan
2001 – 2005 master in pedagogy of contemporary art at castello di rival museum, rival
1999 – 2001 arthistory, university statale, milan


2017 morotti arte contemporanea, solo show, milano
2017  morotti arte contemporanea, artverona fair
2017 tempi sospesi, solo show, gian marco casini gallery, livorno


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2017 collective exhibition, pink gian marco casino gallery, livorno
2017 lorenzo taini/diego soldà, sottotraccia, solo show, castel negrino arte, monza
2017 collective exhibhtion, morotti arte contemporanea, milano and varese
2017 simmetriche eresie, solo show, eleutheros albissola, savona
2017 lucca art fair, morotti arte contemporanea, gian marco casini gallery
2017 collective exhibition, morotti arte contemporanea, milano
2017 hanghing repetition, solo show, spotte art , new york
2017 cremona art fair, castel negrino arte, monza
2017 affordable art fair, morotti arte contemporanea, varese
2017 bologna art fair, morotti arte, daverio (va),
2016 generazioni a colloquio claudio olivieri e lorenzo taini, solo exhibition, museo della permanente di milano
2016 bergamo art fair, morotti arte, daverio (va)
2016 padova art fair, moretti arte, aaverio (va)
2016 autumn collective, castel negrino arte
2016 icab, iran contemporary art biennale, abadan contemporary art museum, teheran
2016 albertoaperto, studio mugnaini, milano
2015  lines, solo exhibition, e-contemporary art gallery, trieste
2015  57w57 art, new york
2014 lorenzo taini 2.0, solo exhibition, galleria monopoli, milano
2014 save and safe, palazzo creeps, milano
2013 le rotte della pittura, solo exhibition, galleria liba, pontedera
2013 breidenbach studio, solo exhibition, heidelberg
2013 fondazione piaggio, pontedera
2012 sintassi di pittura, solo exhibition, palazzo ducale di genova
2012 galleria monopoli, milano
2011 solo exhibition, galleria monopoli, milano
2011 lo stato dell’arte, biennale di venezia, torino
2011 galleria monopoli, milano
2010 continua la pittura, fondazione zappettino, chiavari
2008 galleria monopoli, milano
2007 solo exhibition, teatro delle erbe, milano
2007 salon I, museo della permanente, milano
2006 salon I, museo della permanente, milano
2005 multiplo3, no gallery, milano
2004 10 artists in 10 mq., pensararte, lodi
2003 meno 30, spazio hajech, milano

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