lucie payoux



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artist statement

lucie payoux builds spaces by associating 3d software with painting. those techniques can be both paradoxal and complementary through the dialectic between virtuality and gesture. through them lucie questions scientific representations of the non-human. science can create sterile images of ecosystems as well as reveal their unknown and fascinating sides. inspired by this scientific «bipolarity» lucie represents synthetic organisms. instead of co-existing in a landscape, fauna and flora are composed, like fruits for a still life. the wilderness becomes a garden, a utopia which is flourishing only because of its artificiality.


2016-2018 erg, school of graphic research, bruxelles
2013-2016 beaux arts de nantes


june 2018 masters exhibition, imal, bruxelles.
mars 2018 la zone du dehors, putsch galerie, bruxelles.
november 2017 everything is under control, exbek studios, bruxelles.


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may 2017 la conscience du, peinture fraîche bookshop, bruxelles.
march 2017 museum night fever, wiels, bruxelles.
december 2016 – vie science, private space, bruxelles.
mai 2016 archiculture, evanescences, galerie «loire» of the school of architecture, nantes.
april 2016 show & tell, dulcie galerie, nantes.
december 2015 neither here nor there, yuan art museum, beijing.