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mikkel drabik jacobsen works within various different media such as sculpture, print and painting where the starting point is always to collect information for later research. the collections of information can be very physical when for an example using the same sheet for prints over and over again. thereby, they are becoming keys to use in order to open up new layers of meaning in the artworks. the layering of different information is connected to different kinds of media and it is especially the techniques and processes behind the craft of printing that is the subject of research in mikkel drabik jacobsen’s practice due to a great interest in the oldest printing methods we know.


2016- : the jutland art academy
2015-2016: krabbesholm højskole


2017 body of work, rendezvous artspace, aarhus
2016 ikke se ud, ses, four boxes, skive
2016 introducing, the jutland art academy, aarhus

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