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the work of nour fog includes several mediums such as ceramic sculpture, multiple channel sound installations, performance, mouldings, programmed mechanical machines, photography, drawing and more. he often combines materials and mediums to create a dialog or a conflict in his installations, and in this part of his work the elements are activated and creates a more complex meaning. also the conventional understanding of body and gender has always been a theme of exploration and is the reason why bodily relations, gender issues, and alienation are the main themes in his practice. nour fog’s work moves on an abstract level that raises more questions than answers and hopefully resonates in the viewer’s body and mind on an unconscious level. also, nour fog is part of the sound collaboration duo demona who works with crystal glass symphonies and modulated choir.

nour fog is employed by kkart.


2011 – 2016 the jutland art academy
2015 internship at vinyl terror & horror


2016 delicate tension, solo exhibition, sydhavn station, copenhagen
2016 graduation, kunsthal aarhus, aarhus

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2015 mayhem, concert, reading and exhibition, copenhagen
2014 giving, receiving and changing shape, solo exhibition, the demo room, gallery image, aarhus
2014 transformativ, solo exhibition, gallery hegnhøj & blyme, copenhagen
2014 the artists spring exhibition, kunsthal aarhus, aarhus
2013 painting 2013, habitat, odense
2013 opening exhibition, habitat, odense
2013 regular, krakow
2012 7 from djk, charlotte fogh contemporary, aarhus
2012 the affected body, the jutland art academy, aarhus
2011 machine raum, video art biennale, vejle art museum, vejle

2016 strings, performancerum, aarhus
2015 nocturnal dreamers, feat. cilla leitao, spring, kunsthal aarhus, aarhus
2014 kroppen ses udefra mærkes indefra, bachelor performance, the jutland art academy, aarhus
2014 chastity armor, pvc, copenhagen
2013 chastity armor, barhvavihar, warehouse9, copenhagen
2013 debut performance, kønt – a feministic intention, the jutland art academy, aarhus

duo demona performances:
2016 radar, aarhus
2016 rendezvous sensorium – sound and performance festival, aarhus
2016 sydhavn station, copenhagen
2016 graduation, the funen art academy, odense
2016 graduation, the jutland art academy, aarhus
2016 faa, the funen art academy, odense
2015 debut performance, auf eine fingerspitze, taekkerair berlin, berling

duo demona exhibitions:
2015 12-channel sound installation and performance, splab, aarhus

jobs and assignments:
2014 student representative in the jutland art academy board
2013 guest teacher at aarhus art school
2013 assistant to jakob jakobsen, documenta13


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