olivia fridahl willman



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artist statement

olivia willman explores materials in her art. materials commonly found in the normal household: tape, stearin, freezer bags, shopping bags, toilet paper, fabric, and books. a wonder occurs when these materials are taken out of their usual context and placed in the art. she works with the process and the dialogue that occur when the body meets material. in this way, she creates new ideas and concepts with her work, which often takes the form of installation or sculpture.


2016 visuel hf
2017 aarhus art school, byhøjskolen
2017 det jyske kunstakademi


2017 content, aarhus art school
2017 open call exhibition, non-space, aarhus (part of european capital of culture)
2016 graduation exhibition (visuel hf), parkhuset, viborg
2015 solo show, 3. sal, viborg
2014 group exhibition, viborg kunsthal.

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