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spacegirls is an artist duo working in the field of art, architecture, and space exploration. they work with large-scale, immersive structures, where tactility and materiality are key components. they are interested in the hyper digital and the super analog, and using both physical and non-physical materials, they explore the relations between (wo)man, object and space. guided by the embodied possibilities of each material, they merge the properties of the subject and the object, blurring the lines between them.


2010 – 2016 ma architecture, the royal danish academy of fine arts school of architecture, design and conservation



2018 body lotion, solo exhibition, kvit gallery, copenhagen, denmark
2018 between the lines, group exhibition, oslo national academy of the arts, oslo, norway
2017 pop-Up exhibition curated by Illethia sharp, bjarke johansen studio, copenhagen, denmark
2017 emporium, group exhibition, curiousplace curators, godsbanen, aarhus, denmark



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2017 mail art, group exhibition, kvit gallery, copenhagen, denmark
2017 concrete conspiracies, leth & gori, copenhagen, denmark
2017 i use bodylotion to keep my skin supple, kp17, artist easter exhibition, kunsthal, aarhus, denmark
2017 freshmatic mini, kp17, artist easter exhibition, kunsthal aarhus, denmark
2016 freshmatic max, ke16 artist fall exhibition, den frie udstillingsbygning, copenhagen, denmark
2016 carlsberg, thesis exhibition for architects and designers, copenhagen, denmark
2016 lokkeduen, libirary for architecture, design, preservation and performing arts, copenhagen, denmark
2015 Ssaugterhouse, deste projectspace, hydra, greece
2014 ritual | recollection, lærlingeskolen, refshaleøen, copenhagen, denmark
2014 atlas of the least obvious, malmø, sweden

2017 emporium, curiousplace curators
2017 fletta kunstmagasin #002 du får ikke sove I use body lotion before i go to sleep
2017 jrnl magazine, artist profile

2018 production grant, body lotion, dreyers foundation
2017 – 2018 graphic design + visual identity, artist fall exhibition 2017 + 2018
2017 production grant, concrete conspiracies, dreyers foundation
2016 board members, artist fall exhibition
2016 artist talk “efter åbningstid“, ke16
2016 honorable mention, chart architecture competition 2016
2015 production scholarship, studentersekretariatets projektpulje, kadk