studio thinkinghand


denmark / australia

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artist statement

studio thinkinghand is australian, danish duo rhoda ting and mikkel dahlin bojesen. working with sculpture and installation, they explore themes of epistemological aesthetics, kinesthetic empathy, deep ecology and the entanglement of meaning and matter. focusing on the process of co-creating with materiality, they facilitate processes that allows for the materials to act with agency, seeking to diffract various gazes across times, spaces, perspectives and scales.


mikkel dahlin bojesen
2016 bachelor in art history and theologi, copenhagen university, denmark

rhoda ting
2011 master of mental health, griffith university, queensland, australia



2018 amongst ruins, solo exhibition | wonderland art space, copenhagen
2018 mycelium moon | floating arts 2018, vejle kunstmuseum, vejle. supported by the danish arts foundation
2018 landscape portraits | 3 days of design, dawn, nomad workspace, copenhagen
2018 relationscape I age of biology, novozymes, hauptbahnhof, berlin. with nana francisca schottländer


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2017 in, around and all in-between | code art fair, copenhagen. with rune bosse, curated by irene campolmi
2017 membrane | festival of future nows, hamburger bahnhof, berlin. with nana francisca schottländer
2017 network | roskilde festival. with rune bosse
2017 research for network | statens museum for kunst, copenhagen. with rune bosse
2017 concaves | stine goya, copenhagen
2017 den grønne telefonboks | mayor of culture niko grünfeld, copenhagen municipality
2016 phantom muse | ray roa, p-noise festival. manilla, filippines
2016 the sweet smell of | alternativet, copenhagen
2016 the awkward curiosity of interacting nonsense | trailerpark festival, copenhagen

selected co-creations, productions and projects:
2017 sisters academy #6 – the boarding school | den frie udstillingsbygning, copenhagen
2017 sisters academy #5 – the takeover, fremtidslinien | fremtidslinien stu, køge
2016 sisters academy #4 – the takeover, myndlistaskolinn | myndlistaskolinn, reykjavik, iceland
2016 strøm knowledge arena | strøm festival, raahuset, copenhagen
2016 sisters academy #3 – the takeover, simrishamn | nova academy, simrishamn, sweden
2015 sisters academy #3 – the boarding school | inkonst, malmö, sweden
2015 the feast, dinner at inkonst | inkonst, malmö, sweden
2014 delusional fairytales | grotesque burlesque, copenhagen
2014 sisters academy #1 | hf + vuc, flow, odense
2014 sisters hope på art copenhagen | forum, copenhagen
2014 performance sense laboratory | roskilde festival

selected press coverage:
2018 magasinet kunst | mention by anne cæcilia fløche, studio thinkinghand udstiller på wonderland art space
2018 af·art magasine no. 7, genesis | portræt af to æstetiske videnskabsmænd
2018 age of biology | art and the rush of life
2018 | biology and art takes over the berlin central station
2017 i do art | rune bosse & thinkinghand: naturens skjulte lærdom
2017 af·art magazine no. 5, mod systemer | essay by m.s nielsen: against the educational system

selected involvements:
2018-19 external curators of ‘rendezvous: Sensorium part II’ performance festival, aarhus, denmark
2018 external teacher at the royal danish academy of fine arts; school of architecture, institute for art and design
2018 artist talk, af·art magazine, mod systemer: materiality | with gudrun hassle og louise cehofski
2017 facilitering af udstilling med elever på krabbesholm højskole i skovsnogen, medium grøn grøn ebbe
2014-2017 scenographer for sisters hope. as rhoda ting
2013 -2017 reoccurring guestteacher at krabbesholm højskole with rune bosse. as mikkel dahlin bojesen