veronica rigét



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artist statement

the work of veronica rigét explores a crossing field between the immediate and the hidden, and mental imagery. through sculpture, installation and photography, she creates a new visual language that translate and transform fleeting and non verbal sensations. 

in her latest project, preparations to leave the surface, veronica uses a hypnotic state to explore and translate mental pictures into abstract drawings based on cosmetological concepts. the drawing is a documentation from a state of trace. a expression of a procedural energy at place when it was drawn, liberated from figuration, symbolism and deliberate cultural codex. chosen drawings have been extended into digital expressions printed af 3d models and embedded into spheres in a series of subelements and potentials.


2014-17 mfa, the royal danish academy of fine art, the school of sculpture charlottenborg
2011-13 bfa, trondheim academy of fine art
2011 school of art and design vera
2011 school of art spektrum


group exhibitions:
2017 medietid matter, kunsthal charlottenborg
2017 a word of cells, 2017 gråzone galleriet
2017 geography of senses, ok-corral

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2017 preparations to leave the surface, the royal danish academy of fine arts, afgang
2016 stay II, the prison museum horsens
2016 redskaber til åbning af rum, the royal danish academy of fine arts afgang, rundgang
2016 hvis alting var en del af ingenting, Q
2015 auf eine fingerspitze, takker air, berlin
2013 translations of tarkovski, bfa afgang, trondheim academy of fine art
2012 stalemate, kit short movie, nova cinemateket trondheim

2016 mycelium, bergen cityhall
2015 dokuments from the sea, public decoration, trondheim