villiam miklos andersen



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artist statement

villiam miklos andersen works with larger installations of sculptural and two-dimensional elements. his focus is on architectural contexts and he attempts to uncover the materials themselves and research already existing architectural sites. through photography he has been investigating transit areas in airports, monuments of central asia, non-places, etc.


2015 – 2020 the jutland art academy
2014 – 2015 the royal danish academy of arts, school of architecture
2011 – 2014 billedkunstnerisk grundkursus (bgk), roskilde department


2017 tendency, rendezvous artspace, copenhagen
2017 long haul, solo, splab, jutland art academy
2016 interiør, vester allé 1 1st floor, aarhus
2016 monumental central asia (kasakhstan, kirgistan, usbekistan and afghanistan)
2016 the waiting room, landspitali – university hospital of iceland

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2016 aral, aarhus artspace
2016 an odyssey, 7 days in transit, mødestedet – institut for (x), aarhus
2015-2017: urban substitution, project leader, artist and curator, part of aarhus2017
2017 short film “baltijaama tunnel drive’, screening in kino spores (tallinn noir), estonia
2016 summer exhibition, billund sculpture park
2016 klumpklomorat, splab, jutland art academy
2016 and 2013: kunstnernes påskeudstilling (the artists’ easter exhibition), aarhus
2015 x-site, kværkeby
2015 den første, jutland art academy
2014 kunstnernes efterårsudstilling (the artists’ fall exhibition), copenhagen

2014-2016 broad member, kunstnernes efterårsudstilling (the artists’ fall exhibition)
2014 britta kristensens kunstnerlegat for unge (scholarship for young art talents), asnæs
2013 winner of nationwide contest for young scientist “årets forskerspirer 2013” with the project “daylight in nursing home architecture and its impact on dementia and depression disease”, university of copenhagen